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Raleigh signs off

        No thunderstorms and I heard much of Raleigh's last show, coming in
excellent sometimes and OK the rest of the time (annoying splash from KDKA)
here in the land of in-between the groundwave and skywave. I eventually
fell asleep around 3, but like a true radio geek somehow awoke just as he
was giving his last remarks just before 5.

        Just before 2, he gave a special thanks to former WBZ PD Ira Apple,
who is on this group, along with another former PD whose name I was not
familiar with. Raleigh said he wanted to thank a couple people who aren't
at the station now, as he was limiting himself to those 'BZ names at the
end of the show. I think he said Mr. Apple was his first PD at 'BZ, which
suggests that's who hired him. Is that correct, sir?

        Raleigh was a guest late on the Brudnoy show and the new overnight
host, Steve Leveille (sp? sorry) will be a guest this evening. When exactly
is Brudnoy cutting back? Next week?


Have you patronized the skywave signal of an AM Class A station today?