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Raleigh signs off

Bob Raleigh went off this morning with class!  I taped his first and last
45 minutes on WBZ Radio.  Also, I taped BZ-TV's piece done with him at 5 AM
this morning on the news and will tape their piece with him scheduled later

Bob seemed emotionless at times, but let it be known that he is not
emotionless, he is just really happy to retire while in great health, at
the top spot, and ready to start traveling.  His plans will take him to the
West Coast, Bermuda, and then N. Carolina.

It's tough to realize that he has actually been doing this on WBZ over
nights, longer than Glick did!  I first remember hearing Bob on WHDH when
850 decided to give themselves a younger sound in the mid-70's.  I also
remember his last show on WHDH.  I called him when he said he was doing his
last show on WHDH.  When I asked him where he was going, he said "I'll
BZ'ing you soon"!

Bob never did lose that "Top 40" sound.  

Good luck Tiger!!!!



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