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Response From WCAV

- -------- Original Message --------
Subject: interference issues
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 14:22:44 -0400
From: wcav@juno.com
To: dunn@mediaone.net

Dear Sir:
     It recently came to my attention that the attached letter was being
distributed by you via email.
     I am writing to assure you that WCAV's move to Abington has been
approved by the FCC, thouroughly tested by our group engineering firm
(Frost Broadcast Associates of Florence MA).  The new facility has been
thoroughly tested, all tenants have been notified of test times, and
any/all possible interference issues have to this day been addressed and
resolved.  Any concerns of "intermod" interference are unfounded.  If
"problems resulting from this move" exist, WE are the ones that will be

     If you wish to discuss this further, I can be reached at WCAV
business hours at 508-587-2400.  Thank you for your atttention to this

- -Frank Fitz
 WCAV Program Director

               -------------begin forwarded message--------------------
WCAV 97.7 in Brockton this week moved their FM transmitter and antenna
from the Rte 24/123 area of Brockton to a large tower at the NE side of
city (actually in Abington).  There are at least 30 other users on that 
tower including Holbrook PD and FD as well as Whitman PD.  The
potential for intermod problems blocking a weak transmission from a
public safety handheld unit certainly exists IMHO, although it would be
on a 
purely random basis as the other users do not transmit

If you know of any problems resulting from this move, please email me.

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