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Re: Alex Beam column

<<On Sun, 6 Jun 1999 20:03:44 -0700 (PDT), Mark Shneyder <bostonradio@yahoo.com> said:

> Choosing to sell on NYSE or Nasdaq, doesn't have much to do
> with the company's standing.

Yes, it does.  The NYSE has more stringent standards for listing than
NASDAQ-AMEX does.  Only firms above a threshold market capitalization
are allowed to list on any exchange; the NYSE is restricted to
companies at least twice as big (IIRC) as the smallest allowed on
NASDAQ-AMEX.  Occasionally you hear about troubled companies whose
stock price is so low they no longer meet the listing requirements,
and the exchange invites them to list somewhere else.  (ObRadio:
that's why you hear all the CEOs on those NYSE spots talking about how
wonderful it is to be associated with all the other companies listed
there.... the implication is that NYSE-listed companies are more
financially stable than those on the Curb or on NASDAQ.)

Some companies also list on the Pacific Stock Exchange, which gives
individual investors an extra three hours to trade the stock -- this
advantage is likely to disappear soon as extended trading starts up in
New York.  One wonders how the cable news channels will treat this;
currently CNN Headline's ticker switches from stocks to sports in the
evenings, but if there is a trading session going on at 8 PM as has
been discussed, which will they choose to carry?

(ObTelevision #2: I usually watch the Nightly Business Report on channel
11, but find it annoying when some interesting feature gets teased in
the open but never broadcast because channel 11 blats it out with the
``NH Stock Report''.  Unfortunately, the only other local run at this
point is on channel 44 half an hour earlier.)

(ObTelevision #3: Is it just me, or does WGBH pot the network audio
down about 6 dB below the local announcer?)

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