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Re: WEZE/WTAG (fwd)

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From:    Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net
To:      Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com>
Subject: Re: WEZE/WTAG
Date:    Sun, 06 Jun 1999 15:11:53 +0000

No, Donna. We've been all though this--over and over 
again--here on this group, maybe 18 months ago.

WLAW was never on 1260, except maybe for one of those 
legal instances.

What happened was that General Tire and Rubber, which 
owned WNAC (1260 kHz 5 kW DA-N) bought WLAW (680 kHz 50 
kW DA-1) from (I believe) the family of Horace Hildreth, 
and moved WNAC to 680. Since at the time, no company was 
allowed to own more than one station on any band in any 
market, General had to divest itself of what had been 
WNAC. General packaged the 1260 frequency, WNAC's old 
Milton TX, and the lease on WLAW's Boston studios (in 
the Hotel Bradford) and sold them to Pennsylvania-based 
group-owner Vic Diehm, who created WEZE.

To the General public, what appeared to happen was that 
WLAW died, WNAC took its place on 680 (and began 
identifying as WNAC Boston-Lawrence instead of WNAC 
Boston, as it had IDed on 1260), and a new station, 
WVDA, took the place of WNAC on 1260.

Although WLAW may have technically existed on 1260 for a 
split second, before the frequency became WVDA, I'll 
wager that the WLAW calls were never heard as part of 
any legal ID on 1260.

> Here's what I am reasonably certain of:
> First, what used became known as WEZE began its life as WLAW:
> WEZE - Boston, MA.
> 1260 kHz - 5 kW, DA-N
> Call Letter Sequence: WLAW /WVDA  /WEZE
> WLAW = "LAWrence"
> WVDA = "Vic Diehm Associates"
> WEZE = "Easy"
> First Licensed: July 2, 1937
> First Broadcast: December 19, 1937
> Original: 680 kHz at 1 kW-D at Lawrence, MA
> 12/19/40: Power increased to 5 kW, DA-N.
> 5/20/47: Power increased to 50 kW, DA-1.