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Re: webcasting

On 6/5/99 6:06 PM, Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net) wrote:

> If you just can't restrain yourselves, take this pointless discussion off
> line! You are not going to settle a damned thing.

You're right.  We've stepped past the boundary of interest for this group.

But, but, but... there is a parallel between the radio industry and 
computer industry (trying desperately here to show some relevance of the 
age-old Macintosh-Windows argument...)

Just as some are dismayed that two companies own 80% of a market's 
stations, and they all program the same boring thing, imagine one 
software company calling the shots for 80% of the computers sold.

We can only hope for (and work towards) a change in the status quo in 
both industries.

Now I'll shut up!  ;-)