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And not so interesting (was: Interesting Radio Depatures)

> Well, it doesn't count as a firing, but maybe I should tell the
story of
> my last show on WMUA (not counting the airshift I did at last
> reunion.

I've been fortunate enough to leave stations a) before it's time to
stick a fork in it; b) as life would have it, personal stuff would
stall the radio party; c) TV station buys radio station; d) then come
back (WCAP).  A couple of WCAP stories - Over the past couple of
decades, I've seen a LOT of people go, most on decent terms.
Downstairs is a bar called Cappy's Copper Kettle.  There is (or at
least was - it's been a loooong time) a juke box where song 108 was
"Take this Job and Shove It."  It would get a lot of "juke play" in
cycles as departing jocks/news would often take a final lap downstairs
and plunk in a quarter.  I guess you could say it was better kept
among the bar regulars versus the regular listeners.

<Although you didn't ask, I did>  On a different note, I'd finally
made it to the point where I was getting some mic time at the former
WHDH (850 Boston) thanks to the unforgettable encouragement of then
colleague Chuck Igo - yes, he was your all-around workhorse even
then - and the eventual, questionable, acquiescence of (then WHDH PD)
Jim Murphy.  This, after years of running boards, teching remotes and
whatever else was needed (popcorn in the jock lounge, etc.)  I think
the slow route to the prize makes for better memories than the Rosie
Ruiz approach (hopping off the Green Line to claim Boston Marathon
victory).  As life would have it, my kid brother passed away suddenly
and I needed time from _any_ mic (as some things you just can't fake)
so I unplugged the cans.  And the sound of the radio door closing
behind you can gives off that sound that the unlock code just ain't
the same anymore....

<If you're still with me> About a year later, I'm having lunch with
friend and former PD Joe Corcoran (around 1988) when he reminds me
that one of my former WCAP weekend shifts, Sat. 6-10 a.m., was mine if
I wanted it.  That itchy radio feeling resurfaces.  So,  there I am,
"back at the farm team" as I put it, playing (then format) AS.  Luck
got better a few months later when, in January 1989, Joe took the
station to NT and I was able to experience what would become the
hottest new format and an opportunity to truly start fresh in the
business and learn something new.

<Almost there>  Priorities (and perhaps, humbly, ego and/or talent
limits) allowed the Saturday shift to run 15 years as my contribution
to the radio thing while working in other less interesting but more
remunerative fields.  And now, as a Daddy for two kidz, two caaz, a
garage, two dogs, and a spouse...well, you know the rest.  A couple of
fills a month at "the farm team" keeps my nose in the news a bit more
and gives the elusive letter "R" a "veason" to stay.

<that is all..>

Bill O'Neill