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Re: Just a minute....

In a message dated 5/28/99 1:51:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, billo@erols.com 

<< In radio, a minute of time is a long time, right?  Your last 60 in the
 set is running.  Anectodes regarding that "one minute" in time must
 abound on this list.....
 I noticed it more this morning (filled at WCAP last couple of AMs) when
 the last 60 was punched, I left the 2 guests to "get a refill" on the
 coffee.  As I turned walking out the door, the 2 seemed to freeze,
 staring at the empty chair and both glanced at their watches.  I
 returned with plenty to spare ( at least :08) and the guests were almost
 a shade of blue.  (Not that that's a bad thing.) >>


   it is amazing what you know you can do in 60 while on the air...  otoh, it 
must be a time-space continuum thing, but you can't do the same things at 
home in the same amount of time...  but then again, you don't HAVE to do the 
same things in the same amount of time.

chuck igo