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Re: webcasting

Check out a little program called vtuner from www.vtuner.com  It has
additional stations that are not included in the Real player itself...and it
updates itself regularly.

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> On 27 May 99,  Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
> > proud to say that WROR (wror.com) is now capable of being heard on the
> > web.  seems like it took forever, but, utilizing the windows media
> > & streaming audio, it works pretty good.   WMJX (wmjx1067.com), WKLB
> > (wklb.com), WBOS (wbos.com), and WSJZ (smoothjazz969.com) are also out
> > there...
> I've been listening to WMUA recently on the Web.   Over the weekend, I
> downloaded the latest free version of Real Player, and it has a lot of
> presents for various stations around the country.  There's also a set of
> international stations, including some European FM stations and the two
> English and two French networks from Canada.
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