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Re: Job Opportunities

Hi Bill...I read about the board op posting at WCAP. Do you think they'll
have any weekend shifts? I'd be interested in something over the weekend
for starters, eventually to go fulltime.  Thanks for any info you could
give me. 

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Sven F. Weil
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On Thu, 27 May 1999, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> > I had spoken to Maurice Cohen (owner of WCAP AM-980 in
> > Lowell) a couple of weeks ago and he said that they
> > had some board-op positions to fill.  If you not
> > familiar with the area, Lowell is about 30 miles North
> > of Boston, and board-op'ing there is very easy.  I did
> > it for 6 years, no problem.  If you are interested,
> > give them a call at 978-454-0404.  I am not sure who
> > the PD is there now, but Bill O'Neil should know, look
> > for a posting from him soon I am sure.
> >
> > Good Luck,
> > Dan
> The PD is Kevin Dunn.  I understand there are some hours available.  A
> great suggestion to HS/College aged who you want to scare out of the
> business and into something safer like aluminum siding and carburator
> parts.  OTOH, if it pays about the same as KMart and there is no heavy
> lifting....
> With the primarily bird-shot TK, the (non-mic) board work is a good
> training ground for things like timing, troubleshooting,
> sequencing...the OLD fashioned way.  The studios are retro (80s at best)
> so, if someone can make it sound good there, they can surely make it in
> more automated settings and get some calls on the resume.  If you know
> of someone, you could email me and I could passalong.
> Bill O'Neill