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Re: webcasting

Gee, I can't receive the audio file on my Commodore 64.  How many formats 
are we going to need to accomodate.  Real Audio and Microsoft are the two 
big fish in this game.  If enough people from Web TV or whatever other 
platform you are using squeal, RA or Microsoft will accommodate you.  This 
argument is right on my list after those who insist that signage in this 
country be bilingual.  We have become a tower of babble.


At 03:34 AM 5/28/99 -0400, Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 5/28/99 3:06:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, hmglaz@webtv.net

>  (note:  i use "WROR" strictly as an example here)
>adding a station's programming audio stream to a web page is just a little
>plus.  no station will get credit (or any worth 'paying for' ) for
>listenership outside of the tsa via the web.  at least not as of this
>writing.  down the line, who knows.  but by then, there will surely be either
>a multi-system compatible device, or, station web pages will grow to
>accomodate the multiple feeds needed to keep everybody (RealAudio, Windows
>Media Player, etc) happy.
>Please try to keep in mind that WROR just recently got a page on the web...
>and now, even with ONLY the streaming audio for MediaPlayer, there are those
>of us feel that perhaps we've entered the 90's... (darn good thing, too...
>there're only 217 days, 21 hours, 34 minutes, 41.1 seconds... 39.8 seconds...
>35.6 seconds... left in the 90's...)
>chuck igo

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