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Re: webcasting

In a message dated 5/28/99 3:06:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, hmglaz@webtv.net 

<< Does anyone know
 just how much more it would cost WROR to provide a companion RA feed, or
 how much more it costs an RA 5.0 station to make its feed
 back-compatible with 3.0?
 Or, since nobody has figured how to make money off webcasting, are
 stations adding streaming audio simply as a "me too" thing, not really
 caring what percentage of users can listen? >>


    first off, the station's primary concern HAS to be its' metro/tsa. 
yes, if you are in the rated home area of a station, your listening does 
count.  (say you're in a building in Burlington and nothing can penetrate the 
stifling walls that surround you for eight hours every day...) and it would 
be nice if "WROR" could pay a little extra to accomodate an R/A feed so that 
those whose systems do not work with the MediaPlayer could enjoy the web feed 
as well...  the cost involved probably depends on the arrangement with the 
web site host... and if you've ever tried to tell radio management that it 
would ONLY cost... (insert screaming or laughter here)
 (note:  i use "WROR" strictly as an example here)
adding a station's programming audio stream to a web page is just a little 
plus.  no station will get credit (or any worth 'paying for' ) for 
listenership outside of the tsa via the web.  at least not as of this 
writing.  down the line, who knows.  but by then, there will surely be either 
a multi-system compatible device, or, station web pages will grow to 
accomodate the multiple feeds needed to keep everybody (RealAudio, Windows 
Media Player, etc) happy.
Please try to keep in mind that WROR just recently got a page on the web...  
and now, even with ONLY the streaming audio for MediaPlayer, there are those 
of us feel that perhaps we've entered the 90's... (darn good thing, too... 
there're only 217 days, 21 hours, 34 minutes, 41.1 seconds... 39.8 seconds... 
35.6 seconds... left in the 90's...)

chuck igo