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WMHB Waterville, Maine

Garrett wrote, WRT Waterville:

>(You'll note that 91.3 has a
>first-adjacent licensed to the SAME CITY -- I can't think of anywhere
>else where that has happened.  The other station is 91.5, WMHB, a
>little class-D.)

Ah, but the FCC database is simply wrong on this one.  Per the WMHB
website at <http://www.colby.edu/wmhb>, the station moved to 
90.5 in 1985, which must have been what cleared the way for the
preent WMEW on 91.3 to get licensed.

Garrett should know better, since he was with me in the car when
we looked at the WMHB antenna on the Colby campus a few years back :-)

- -s (I know, it's been a LOT of towers over the years...)