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Re: Cumulus Media donates WHQO to Maine Public Radio

<<On Wed, 26 May 1999 20:47:58 EDT, Dib9@aol.com said:

> a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders and I assume they determined 
> that the tax break they get for donating WHQO to MPR is more than they could 
> get if they sold the station.  I doubt that the competition was much of an 
> issue.  The reality is that WHQO was one of the many Class A stations 
> established during the 1980's that are simply not commercial viable in rural 
> Maine.

Actually, it's a class C3.  The signal is probably good enough in
Waterville that MPR could end up winning by selling 91.3 to another
operator and keeping 107.9.  (You'll note that 91.3 has a
first-adjacent licensed to the SAME CITY -- I can't think of anywhere
else where that has happened.  The other station is 91.5, WMHB, a
little class-D.)

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