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Re: Some DX notes.....

>Bump Martin wrote:
>RE:  1040AM  Has anyone ever picked up WHO here in the Boston area?
<big snip>

        Adding to what Dan Strassberg wrote back:
        I only can get WHO some nights late at night here in Conn. since
the NJ station went on at night, which was only a year or so ago (+ or  -).
WHO used to be a regular. I think when you're in the immediate Boston area
WBZ splashes so bad you don't usually get it on most radios. I believe WHO
is local talk until late evening (around midnight central) and then runs
one of the trucking music shows, but I'm not sure on that.
        With WHO and some other clear-channel stations that now have local
stations around here blocking them (like 1120-KMOX), I find that sometimes
in the middle of the night (i.e., maybe 10 or 11 p.m.-3 or 4 a.m. or so,
depending on the season) when the skywaves are strongest you can still get
them. I have an 1120 about 15 miles from me, Bristol, WPRX (Spanish) with
500 watts night, and some nights it obliterates KMOX while other nights
it's just a whisper behind KMOX by later in the evening. KMOX certainly was
in the past and would be a strong, easy signal in the Northeast at night
without the interfering signals. I'm not sure if KMOX still has local talk
on the overnight, but recently they certainly still had a local talk show
in the late evening. As for 1160, if it was standards it was almost
certainly N.J. In Scituate last winter, I got WJJD, with the sports talk,
usually weak but occasionally strong, by nulling out N.J. Of course, in
Scituate it's more like the splash from the N.J. standards station is
hurting WNFT at night rather than the other way around <g>.
        As for WLS' night programming, I'm not certain. I'm pretty sure
there's local talk until at least late evening. Maybe a female host.
Overnight, I'm not sure. I have splash fromWCBS here that usually makes WLS
tough except when it's really booming, so I don't listen to it very much.


Have you patronized the skywave signal of an AM Class A station today?