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Re: WNDS Back On The Air

                          Friday, May 21, 1999

WNDS-TV is running an old 1983 Townsend Transmitter,
according to someone who almost moved to there (no,
not me).  The old WHRC-TV (now WBPX-TV) used to have
one of those babies that became an orphan overnight. 
Townsend closed shop nearly the same day that the
transmitter was installed in April, 1988.  Parts for
Townsend transmitters are becoming very scarce, I'm

Channel 50 should consider the transmitter failure to
be a wake-up call.  I personally like WNDS, a lot.  It
is the last true local Indie in the market.  A new
transmitter should be on their wish list.  
When WHRC-TV had their Townsend, whenever a bright
video passage occured, the transmitter would "glitch"
for a second and the AGC unit would slowly ramp down
the video to a "useable" level.  It was a pain in the
royal a**.  You could actually hear the relays in the
transmitter click violently during all of this. 
Channel 50's video is very similar to what the old
WHRC-TV (Channel 46/Norwell, MA) used to look like in
the first incarnation of that station's history
(1986-1989).  Channel 50's transmitter has seen better
days.  Today's Channel 46 (on the other hand) now uses
a new Comark IOT 30 kw. stereo UHF transmitter and
puts out a nice clean signal. 

Nonetheless, it is good to see that WNDS is back in
business. Hang in there, Channel 50.

- -Pete  

> To:	IN%"brian_vita@cssinc.com"  "Brian Vita"
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> "boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org"
> Subj:	RE: WNDS Back On The Air

> If it's the station I'm thinking of, it's using some
> kind of transmitter that
> has been obsolete due to the lack of technical and
> parts support for some
> years now. Perhaps our esteemed colleague, Mr. Peter
> George can elaborate
> (again).

> Brian Vita wrote:
> > I thought that they were always like that...
> >
> >  Mark wrote:
> > >I noticed just after 5:30 PM today that WNDS CH
> 50 is back on the
> > >air,although the picture appears a bit fuzzy and
> the color appears a bit
> > >off base.I wonder if they are at full or reduced
> power,or on a backup
> > >transmitter.

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