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WBZ and ABC (was: The Future of WBCN-- Talk????)

Bump on WBZ's ABC affiliation:

>They more than likely will as soon as the ABC contract runs out.
>(Remember, this was a long-standing long-term contract, one that was
>signed well before anyone could have imagined the current state of
>deregulation and multiple ownerships.)

I'd be very surprised if WBZ radio relinquished its ABC Information
Network affiliation which is coveted for a number of reasons, one of
which is Paul Harvey.  Plus, they get first run at ABC sound (although
available to all of the ABC news nets) and potential voicers given their
link to the network's premier product.  Oh, and it blacks-out ABC Info.
to anyone else for a considerable distance (not a minor point!)
Clearing ABC's inventory is probably a reasonable price to pay.  Just
because they own news in Boston now, a new newsie in the ADI would LOVE
that affiliation.  This way, WBZ gets two great news products with cake
left over.

Bill O'Neill