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Re: lesser known pop hits

Ah,memories.I've been at WMWM since 1981, and do
remember stuff like the Atlantics, Angry Young Bees,
Lou Miami, Robin Lane, the Neighborhoods, the Neats,
and so on.
WMWM may still have a copy of that WCOZ album, which
had a giant bear with a guitar standing in front of
the Pru (or was it the Hancock?)

If you can still find it, check out Rhino's "DIY:
Mass Ave.", a collection of late 70s/early 80s
Boston rockers.

- --- PWerlin@aol.com wrote:
I have a
> large collection of 
> albums by local bands - they didn't all make the
> charts but on Boston radio 
> (college and alternative) they were staples - I'd
> love to hear that stuff 
> again. (Atlantics, Private Lightning, Mission of
> Burma, the Neats, Scruffy 
> the Cat, Big Dipper),  How about the Stompers 
> "American Fun" or "This is 
> Rock and Roll", which I have on an old WCOZ album.  
> Better than "Angel" 
> anyday.  Those songs should have been hits.

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