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Re: lesser known pop hits

Re:"Never Tell an Angel" by the Stompers--
Saw an ad on TV last night for a CD called "Boston Rocks" which is "not
available in stores"...it has
hits by the J. Geils Band, Til Tuesday, Orpheus, the
Cars, etc. Maybe it's on that album--keep an eye out
for that ad.

Or you could try record stores in the area; maybe the
original vinyl Stompers album might be around. (The
lunchtime show on WFNX that you refer to is "Leftover
Lunch", which runs from 11:30 am to noon or so--
they play late-70s and early 80s "new wave", "modern
rock", etc.)

- --- GF015@aol.com wrote:
> When I was in the Burlington/Lexington area I had my
> radio tuned to WFNX 

> They had a lunch hour show(I forget
> what it's called) and 
> they played the Stompers after someone requested it.
>  I had forgotten all 
> about that song until I heard it again.  Does any
> one know if it is on a CD 
> or if available locally in the Boston area.
> Thanks,
> Gary Ford

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