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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 5/14: CBM Leaves 940

At 02:28 AM 5/15/99 -0400, Scott D Fybush wrote:
>And at Jacor/Rochester, some new voices on the air include Steve
>Simolo, who joins news-talk WHAM (1180) as evening and weekend news
>anchor after years at WSFW (1110/99.3 Seneca Falls), and a bunch of
>voice-tracked generic jocks from Tampa who are trying to sound local
>on "Kiss" WKGS (106.7 Irondequoit).  We say "trying" because one was
>heard talking about the "ah-MERKS" (the Amerks, the local minor-league
>hockey team we all call the "AM-erks") playing at the "BCA," which we
>think is the venue now called the "Blue Cross Arena" but still
>universally known by its old name, the "War Memorial." 

Yes, but to be fair these are mistakes that can and are made by live jocks
too, new to a market and unfamiliar with local names.  There are plenty of
live stations that sound generic, too.

I'm not real crazy about this trend towards virtual radio either, but this
is a bit of blaming the messenger.