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Re: WLLH article

Hmm, I typed all these numbers out last night and this morning it 
is as if nobody got this.  So, here's a re-send.  The #2 city is not 
Springfield, it's not Providence, it's not Hartford, it's not Bridgeport.  
Notice, of course that we're not talking about metro areas, these 
are city populations.

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Are you sure about Worcester being the 2nd largest city in New
> England? Mass. maybe, but Providence and Hartford are higher-ranked
> Arbitron markets. 

1996 US Census city population estimates:

from http://www.census.gov/population/estimates/metro-

Boston 558,394
Worcester 166,350
Providence 152,558
Springfield 149,948
Bridgeport 137,990
Hartford 133,086
New Haven 124,665
Stamford 110,056
Waterbury 106,412
Lowell 100,973
Manchester, NH 100,967