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Re: The Future of Radio?

What type of rig are they going to be giving you to work out of your house 


P.S.  As someone who has dealt with Ma Bell's ISDN department, fasten your 
seatbelt, its going to be a bumpy night.

At 08:18 AM 5/14/99 -0400, J.J. wrote:
>Is this a "temporary" trend?
>It has been an exciting week for me.  All this past week, and until further
>notice, I have been doing morning drive on Greater Media's  New Classic
>Soul  station in Detroit (WXDG) via ISDN from our studios on Morrisey Blvd.
>(and as soon as Ma Bell connects I'll do it from home) and Mike Addams has
>been doing the same with afternoon drive.  Whereas Dale Dorman is on in
>Orlando from his home every morning, and Jo Jo Kincade does mornings in
>Chicago from his home in Detroit.  Ed McMan does tracks for Chicago and New
>York.  All at the same time we maintain our regular shifts at our home
>stations.  Is this the future of the biz?  Also noticed that with Jo Jo in
>Chicago, me in Detroit and Bandiero in New York, listeners seem to be
>"warm" to an "afternoon drive type" approach to their mornings.....ya
>know....no games, gimmicks etc. just tell me the time, weather, the score
>of the game and play the hits.  What do you think?

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