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Re: Extreme Radio, WNEW, and WBCN (Was: Re: WNEW)

On 12 May 99,  Joseph Gallant wrote:

> (4) And, as I have mentioned a couple of times, CBS/Infinity could use the
> power of Howard Stern as leverage to get a 24/7 "Extreme Radio" format
> launched in other cities. Uncle Mel can say "Either Take The ENTIRE 24/7
> "Extreme Radio" format, or we'll yank Howard Stern off your station and
> give him to a competitor who WILL take the full 'Extreme Radio' format!"
I have the feeling that packaging like that may violate anti-trust laws.

Incidentally, on the subject of extreme radio, I've been listening to 
WMUA on the web lately, and late at night I've heard things much 
more extreme than anything I've ever heard from Howard Stern.  Last 
night, they were playing a number of records that used the f-word 
repeatedly -- does the FCC no longer prohibit that word?  And the 
people who do the late Tuesday show have sexual discussions that are 
the most frank I've ever heard on radio.

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