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Re: Star 93.7 commercial

- --- lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:
> I saw a TV commercial for WQSX-FM during the local news
> (I forget the channel) and it couln't have been less
> imaginative or more hackneyed!  It featured the usual
> assemblage of male and female models in their 20's
> traipsing around Boston locales some with headset 
> radios on.  

Usually an agency comes up with a concept for these sort of
campaigns. In the case of Star 93-7, they're
employing Boston-based Reagan Communications for
marketing/promotion/publicity. I am sure someone there pulled out
a file with 3-4 standard concepts('man on the street',
'celebrity spokesman', 'video clip montage', etc) and let the station
honchos decide on what's best the strategy depending on the new format,
target audience, production costs, length of run, number of points,

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