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Star 93.7 commercial

I saw a TV commercial for WQSX-FM during the local news
(I forget the channel) and it couln't have been less
imaginative or more hackneyed!  It featured the usual
assemblage of male and female models in their 20's
traipsing around Boston locales some with headset 
radios on.  The scripts were entirely predictable:
"At last there's a new station in Boston you can 
really enjoy"...."I like to listen to it at work
and when exercising"...that old drivel.  I imagine
the intended audience wasn't watching the news 
anyway, and they certainly wouldn't be energized by
such a stale marketing approach.  Let's put it this way:
radio marketing displays as much imagination these days
as radio programming...a good subjest for LTAR.

Laurence from Methuen

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