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Re: Free speech (was Dancin' oldies sends Sebastian to the beach)

On Sat, 8 May 1999 Dan writes:

>I also think anyone is free to criticize them, organize 
>boycotts and contact advertisers.  That's how an open society should
work.  Just >don't ask the government to fine them or shut them down.

And Bill O'Neill added:

>As disgusted as I am with Stern, I embrace Dan's remarks re: gov't

Me too.  But also,  I think the point of getting rid of Sebastian was
simple:  He doesn't fit in with the new demographics WZMX is trying to
reach.  His appeal to females has got to be limited -- there was an
incident years back when he was on WDRC.   Apparently he started to
critique the looks of the brides in the bridal listings in the Hartford
Courant.  I believe this may have been why he was fired.  He just wan't
gonna fit in with the rest of the format.  My personal opinion was that
he was obnoxious and offensive.  But if that's what the audience wants...

Rick Kelly

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