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Re: Free speech (was Dancin' oldies sends Sebastian to the beach)

I agree with this part completely. Both left and right are so quick to
forget the First (or torture it) in the pursuit of their political goals.

I don't go quite as far as you (I'd remove all content control re cable and
satellite, but not on over-the-air until an effective parental control
exists, which isn't ever likely to occur for radio), but I'm not that far
off. :)

At 10:56 PM 5/7/99 -0400, Dib9@aol.com wrote:
>The thing that concerns me is that the right and the left of the political 
>spectrum both seem to have lost respect for free speech.  In the good old 
>days, it was just my friends on the right we were quick to dismiss the First 
>Amendment but we could depend on the liberals to defend it.  Now un 
>discussions on popular culture, radio, pornography, campaign finance reform, 
>etc., people on both sides of the political spectrum are quick to dismiss 
>free speech if it is something they don't like.  

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