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Re: Pax buys WABU

BU never intended to hold on to the station forever in the first place.
When they 'rescused' 'QTV six years ago, they made that
move with a goal to make a sizeable profit down the road, just
like they do with many various business interests they have(buy low,
sell high). 

On a shoe-string payroll and lots of free labor(BU graduate and undergruate
students, myself included), they did develop a niche with sports(college and Sox),
locally-originated programming(SportsNight, The Job Show,
Business World, Doctors On-Call, a weekend children's show
and retro syndicated packages(last year a 60-second spot during an
episode of Matlock went for $100 -- a bargain!). But let's face it,
with an exception of Red Sox games, the audience for regular 68 programming
was tiny and at times unmeasureable(and TV ratings system is much more
accurate than what radio uses). It was a given that BU was going to 
sell 68 right after it lost the Sox while the station still had some

There're many good, highly-skilled folks working at that station(many are
former refugees from Ch 4,5,38, and 7) whom I had a pleasure of meeting
and working with. I wish them all the best!


- --- Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> wrote:
> Given the propensity of Mr Paxson to air only "family friendly" (that is,
> conservative Christian) progamming, what does the future portend for WABU?
> Please don't flame me-- he has said in interviews that his goal is to
> spread Christian programming all over North America.  While I certainly
> support his right to do whatever he wants as long as it doesn't interfere
> with my life, I wonder what Pax-TV plans to do with WABU, and how sports or
> anything non-religious would fit into that plan...  

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