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Re: WABU sold to PAX

- --- Mark Laurence <laurence@sprintmail.com> wrote:

> Speaking of Boston Cablevision, has anyone noticed they are 
> apparently gearing up to carry 6 new channels, 56 through 58 on 
> the A & B side?

I hear Cablevision will be adding a couple of movie/PPV channels to
the A-trunk to improve marketing and sagging new sales.
This in response to RCN's continuing push to wire much of
Back Bay, Kenmore Sq, Brookline, Brighton/Allston areas.
RCN just finished wiring 200+ apts in a 21-story high rise building 
on Babcock Str(across from Walter Brown Arena).
It took them less than two weeks to do the work.
RCN's attractve cable/phone/I-Net package is finding lots of new customers
in the areas poorly served by Cablevision. RCN's 100+ cable channels
cost half of what Cablevision charges.

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