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Re: Worcester Radio

On 5/4/99 2:21 AM, Mike Thomas (nostatic@earthlink.net) wrote:

> I've gotta chime in here.  Obviously you haven't listened to WXLO too much.

I don't listen to WXLO as I don't like the music, but I applaud your 
efforts to stay focused on the listeners in your area and not be a Boston 
rimshotter.  You sound heads and shoulders above the pitiful Classic Rock 
wannabes at 98.9 and 100.1!  (Good heavens, is that reverb they use on 

> As far as AAF is concerned, Worcester kissed them goodbye several years ago.
> The studios were in Westboro--not exactly Worcester proper, and their focus
> has been on Boston for quite some time.

Agreed.  I worked at WAAF in 1979 when they were still in the Cocaine 
Realty Building in downtown Worcester.  I wonder what all the WAAF 
listeners in western Massachusetts think about the Boston focus and 
whether they care.  WAAF sure has a killer signal, just not in the area 
they want (Boston).