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Eres Tu

Shawn wrote--
>Except that "Eres Tu" ("You Are", second person familiar present tense)
>*is* Spanish.  The whole song, not just the title.  I distinctly remember
>my Spanish I class in ninth grade (oh, so many years ago) covering that
>song, and I'd like to think my Spanish teacher (who hailed from Mexico)
>knew the difference between Spanish and Portugese.

Eres Tu was a hit by a Spanish group, Mocedades.  A bad English
translation, called Touch the Wind, was also recorded.  The first verse is
Una promesa, eres tu, eres tu (you are [like] a promise) una maņana de
verano (you are [like] a morning in springtime), etc-- it's a very pretty
love song, comparing the beloved to a smile, sunshine, a song played by a
distant guitar, etc

The only hits in Portuguese I can think of are the ones Sergio Mendes and
Brasil 66 did, like Mais Que Nada.