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Re: Not Much Music on WCCM (Yet)

...It was mentioned previously on WLLH in
>the days before the format change that WCCM was to play the Standards
>late afternoon(which I guess means 4PM) till the next morning.I
>when/if this will occur.
>Mark Watson

How valuable do you think WCCM's local talk shows are and what's the
likelihood of AS filling in more daylight programming?  I think Bruce
Arnold's long day must be a drain (not only on the veteran b'caster,
but the listeners who expect and appreciate changes in hosts per
daypart (which is why jockinabox stations don't roll 1 voice 24/7.)
Arnold hosts the (overcluttered AM drive, IMO), breaks 9-10 for a
local talk hour then returns for a swap show.  Not sure what happens
later, but I think they run a local talk show early afternoons with
Frank Sunday/AS at 4-7.  Add Spinners at 7 most nights (if they got a
full schedule unlike WLLH last season), AS late eves and overnights,
that may get the demo to keep their alarm or kitchen radios set at 800
kHz for AM drive.

As much as I miss "full service" I acquiese!  Maximizing AS would make
for ease of cross-metro identification as well as move lots of Frank
"Sunday" Messina's book over from the former WLLH.  AS 21/5, 24/2 with
more music in the morning. IMO.

Bill O'Neill