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Re: Not Much Music on WCCM (Yet)

At 10:47 PM +0000 5/4/99, Mark wrote:
>Listening to WCCM this afternoon to hear if they would be starting to add
>more Standards music as a result of WLLH's flip to Spanish last evening.I
>heard Frank Sunday,former WLLH veteran,playing the tunes on my way home
>from work about 5:15.Frank mentioned that he would be playing your
>favorites every weekday from 4 to 7 PM.Tuned in when I was on the road
>again just after 7,heard Talk America birdfeed programming.which WCCM has
>been running from 7PM till 5:30 AM.It was mentioned previously on WLLH in
>the days before the format change that WCCM was to play the Standards from
>late afternoon(which I guess means 4PM) till the next morning.I wonder
>when/if this will occur.
>Mark Watson

I was listening on my way home tonight, from about 11:45 PM till about
12:10 AM, and all I heard was Talk America programming.  Perhaps they have
a contract which they can't get out of for a while, especially if it
includes (and I'm sure it does) barter spots.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH