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RE: thoughts on Mega and Spanish radio

Something else occurred to me.  Mega also runs a modern r & b format on 910
AM in Hartford.  I am probably one of a handful of people over 30 that still
listens to rap.  910 Jamz is a good sounding station, much like I really
like WILD's overall on-air presentation.  Very good ID's and jocks who know
the music they are playing.  On the subject of ratings for Boston area Mega
owned stations, I would suggest Mega flip their weak 890 frequency to a soul
music format of some kind.  It would most definitely pull a rating if the
Spanish isn't showing up.  The downside would be finding a staff.
I am impressed that Mega has hung in there with 910 AM in Hartford.  I see
it in the ratings there.
- -Dave

> Bill wrote--
> >I think Mega will do a great job with the station,
> >nonetheless.  From what I can tell by the 'sound' (minimal SP
> >understanding) production value is good, some technical
> small market-y
> >happenings (bad phone implementation, double-teaming the mic time and
> >blasting the mic levels, etc.) they are seeming very happy to be in
> >Law/Low.
> I wonder if the dual call letters (both WNFT and WCCM, if I understood
> correctly) will confuse people...  Things I notice-- I thought the
> announcer had a LOT of echo and reverb on his mike this afternoon,
> something it seems a lot of Spanish stations in other markets
> do too.  (I
> wonder why.)  I also notice that the callers they had on the
> air seemed
> young-- late teens or early 20s.  (I heard one caller from "Yamaica
> Plain"...)  Mega now has cool bumper stickers, very
> colourful, with slogans
> that advertise "more salsa, more merengue than any other station"-- or
> something like that...  A few of the songs are bi-lingual, but most of
> their playlist seems to be entirely Spanish, and I haven't heard the
> announcers doing anything in English either.
> I have heard several Spanish stations on FM that lean towards
> bi-lingual,
> or even "Spanglish" to get the younger demos...  Are there enough
> Spanish-only listeners to support the station?  Only time will tell...