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thoughts on Mega and Spanish radio

Bill wrote--
>I think Mega will do a great job with the station,
>nonetheless.  From what I can tell by the 'sound' (minimal SP
>understanding) production value is good, some technical small market-y
>happenings (bad phone implementation, double-teaming the mic time and
>blasting the mic levels, etc.) they are seeming very happy to be in

I wonder if the dual call letters (both WNFT and WCCM, if I understood
correctly) will confuse people...  Things I notice-- I thought the
announcer had a LOT of echo and reverb on his mike this afternoon,
something it seems a lot of Spanish stations in other markets do too.  (I
wonder why.)  I also notice that the callers they had on the air seemed
young-- late teens or early 20s.  (I heard one caller from "Yamaica
Plain"...)  Mega now has cool bumper stickers, very colourful, with slogans
that advertise "more salsa, more merengue than any other station"-- or
something like that...  A few of the songs are bi-lingual, but most of
their playlist seems to be entirely Spanish, and I haven't heard the
announcers doing anything in English either.  

I have heard several Spanish stations on FM that lean towards bi-lingual,
or even "Spanglish" to get the younger demos...  Are there enough
Spanish-only listeners to support the station?  Only time will tell...