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Re: Expanded Band questions

> What is really ironic is that since these x-band stations are required
> drop power down to 1Kw at night, it's amazing how they will be able to
> cover any sort of distance if new stations start sprouting up around

It's amazing how far 1KW will carry when the dial is as quiet as 1600-
1700 is...

> WBAH (the new calls for the ex-WJDM) on 1660 has a weird directional
> array. 

I thought all of these expanded band stations had to be omnidirectional.

> Pumping out 10,000
> watts daytime, they offer an excellent coverage of New York City's
> boros. At night, however, you literally have to be IN elizabeth, nj to
> able to listen to their broadcast.

Well....their City of Lisence/City of Service *IS* Elizabeth.  

(BTW...I pick 1660AM up here in Massachusetts very well at night. 
Almost like a local.)

> Also, hasn't anyone noticed that the programming on these stations
isn't   the
> most imaginative? 

I'll say!  My thoughts exactly!  

Mostly syndicated stuff....and the worst of the syndicated stuff.