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Re: Looking for WMCA family information

Gavin wrote--
>I am doing a research paper in college on the history
>of radio, and I am trying to find out if Nathan
>Straus, past owner of WMCA, is father to R. Peter
>Straus and grandfather to Eric Straus (who owns
>stations in New York's Hudson Valley).  

I thought it was J. Peter Strauss, but never mind-- they are, as far as I
know, all part of the same radio family-- Nathan was originally in real
estate, in fact, till he bought WMCA in the 40s I think it was the 40s-- I
don't have my research books here right now...)   For more about the entire
Strauss clan and their involvement with radio, consult the book by Bill
Jaker, "The Airwaves of New York."