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WCCM, where...?

Well, in Duxbury, with several antennae, I can get WCCM just fine. During
weekdays, the station seems to be airing local call-in shows, a show about
big-band music, and "NewsTrack 800" (a mix of local news, traffic, weather,
and some syndicated features). Also on weekdays, when feature programming
isn't running, the station plays a variety of mostly 70s AC tunes - with
local announcers and lots of mishaps. I've noticed that the station airs
more promos advertising that WCCM is targeting a larger group of listeners
from all over the Merrimack Valley - capitalizing on the loss of WLLH. On
weekends, WCCM is mostly Spanish music and news, with a mix of local
ethnic/leased-time shows. 

                                      - Keith W. Barry