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   Mike Thomas wrote:
> since their new single tower setup
> > barely covers Marlboro/Hudson during the DAY, let alone after sunset.
> > What a waste.
    Kevin Vahey wrote:

>   Back in another life when I actually was taking flying lessons....WSRO
> almost became a one tower station.... which is part of the reason I
> taking lessons....

  I noticed yesterday when coming back from the Worcester area,at the end
of 290 East making the winding ramp onto 495 North,I saw the 3 tower WSRO
array still standing.IIRC,someone had posted info they heard stating that
the City of Marlboro took that TX site by eminent domain.I believe their
studios are also at this site,or is that also no longer true.Where in
Hudson is the new single tower? How much power are they putting out from
this new TX? Weren't they 5KW with the 3 tower? And are there any plans to
put up 2 more towers at the new TX site? (Ouestion Mode Off)

Mark Watson