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Merrimack Valley Happenings

Anyone scanning the AM radio dial in the Lowell-Lawrence
area would perhaps have noticed a few oddities.  On the
WLLH watch, there was a brief burst of a simulcast of
the programming on WNFT 1150 for a while on Saturday 
morning May 1st, about 8:00 am.  Later in the day, they
returned to English=language programming and "Great
American Songbook" music.  There was no need for irony
deficiency because the station ran a pre-recorded promo
for the station telling people to tell their friends 
this music was being played on WLLH...they must mean
friends you're trying to lose.  Over at WCCM 800, the
station has been transmitting dead air at night or even
just a constant hum. (Old joke: why do hummingbirds hum?
They don't know the words.)  They usually carry some
TalkAmerica programming at night, including a talk
show about the internet hosted by David Lawrence who
identified himself as a former DJ at WKCI-FM Hamden, CT.
But no nighttime programming, not even sports has been 
heard on WCCM after dark.  What gives?  And WNNW 1110
in Salem NH has been staying on the air until 9:05 pm
(and hour and a half after the sign-off time for day-
timers in April.  They pull the plug right after CNN
news in Spanish.  It appears that they broadcast with
the full 5 kw with the daylight pattern because the
signal completely squelches WBT Charlotte until the
carrier goes off.  I live within easy biking distance
from the WNNW 2-tower array which puts a fair signal
to the southeat.  But I bet in Lawrence itself, 'NNW
and 'BT battle it out with the Carolinans winning most
evenings.   I wonder if they plan to stay on till 9:00
pm all year long to counter WLLH when the takeover 
happens OR just an hour-and-a-half after local sunset?
And oh yes...the pirate at 99.9 is still blasting away.

Laurence from Methuen

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