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Re: NERW-Radio no-news

Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         The sad state of radio news: When the news broke yesterday
> afternoon in drive-time that the Patriots deal was off for Connecticut, #1
> ranked WRCH "reported" it by the DJ saying that the news director had
> phoned in and told him the news. That was it. "The Patriots are not
> coming" is just about literally all that he had to say. He fumbled around
> and repeated that a couple more times (making this the biggest ad-lib
> extravaganza of his career, no doubt--or maybe someone had quickly written
> up a liner card). And then it was back to the 1990s elevator music. #1
> station, no news in PM drive. And they couldn't even bother to have the
> jock go find the AP story on the computer and read it.

Many stations don't have AP now, and even some that do, don't 
have full-time wire service.  The wires shut down after morning 
drive, providing (maybe) one sentence bulletins in extreme