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Re: NERW 4/30: Fuller-Jeffrey

In a message dated 5/1/99 5:46:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Chuckigo@aol.com 

<< As mentioned in this week's NERW, the Fuller-Jeffrey Group Sale leaves a 
 couple of questions:
 1) what becomes of the 95.9 WRED deal that had Saga trying everything they 
 could to prevent F-J from acquiring this York County signal? >>

so i guess i can (safely) answer my own question here...
just had a real-time discussion with an actual human being (and a fine 
american) who informs me that J.J. is going ahead with the deal to purchase 
95.9 for his own little radio holding/interest, outside of the group sale.
but will Saga now still continue with their efforts to block the deal?

chuck igo