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NERW 4/30: Fuller-Jeffrey

As mentioned in this week's NERW, the Fuller-Jeffrey Group Sale leaves a 
couple of questions:
1) what becomes of the 95.9 WRED deal that had Saga trying everything they 
could to prevent F-J from acquiring this York County signal?
2) As was posed in NERW, will the new owners get/understand any of it?  "It's 
the Blimp, Frank!  It's the Blimp!"    
3) and will Citadel understand the importance of the market-wide parties 
hosted by J.J. & Bob?  Portland salaries being what they are, radio people 
need to eat & drink free every now and then... (thanks J.J. & Bob!)

btw:  quick JJ story...  back a few years ago when F-J assumed operation of 
the Biddeford stations, WIDE 1400 & (then) WSTG 94.3, J.J. took 
responsibility for the morning news on the am, working with then "Mayor of 
the Morning" Carl Dana.  Carl told me of his coming in to find J.J. clearing 
the wire and making a few calls at Oh-dark-thirty....   well, we can hope 
that the two principals in F-J will enjoy some hard-earned r&r...

chuck igo