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Re: " Captain Bob" Cottle & Tom Cottle...?

>WCVB (Ch 5) reported on it's 5:30 PM news today that " Captain Bob"
>Cottle,who for many years hosted a Saturday morning show on Ch 5...

This wouldn't be TOM Cottle's father would it?  Ergo the Ch 5 connection?

BTW....Has anyone heard anything about Tom Cottle's TV Career recently?   He
seems to have publicly dissappeared.

Channel 5, in the heavy-local-production days, was trying to pitch his show
for such a long time.  I don't think it ever really took off.  The
"execution" was never as good as the programming "idea" of having a talk
show hosted by a shrink...who could delve into personal matters.

He also did a 1 hour talk show on WHDH (Remember them?), filling the hour
between aft-drive and TalkNet's feed.  (IIRCorrectly).