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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

At 05:26 AM 4/30/99 -0700, C. Jenest wrote:
>Does laughter have any redeeming value?
>I certainly do not agree with every remark or "bit" that
>Stern does, and have turned the dial when I'm offended,
>but I do enjoy his honesty (or his "act", as some people
>call it).
>I'm curious if anyone else on the list actually listens to
>his show, or if the opinions are based on what they've
>heard elsewhere.

I've always wondered why people consider his schtik to be "honesty".  Yeah,
right!  What's that they say about sincerity...if you can convincingly fake
it, you've got it made.  He's discovered that being a total a**hole on the
air gets ratings and $$$...that's why he does it.  I wonder if he believes
half the stuff he says (except his constant huffing and puffing about how
wonderful and talented he is).

Yes I've listened to his show from time to time (thought I didn't hear his
Columbine comments)...I don't understand his appeal.