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Re: Jammin' party

I think that Bandiero's show will improve with time as far as the chart data is
concerned.  Keep in mind the show has just started to syndicate.  Secondly, I
think ROR picked it up as a pre-emptive measure just in case another station in
the market decided to go R&B Oldies.  I bet ROR was thinking about flipping to
that format itself when they picked up the show, but the arrival of Star may
have kept them from pulling the trigger.  Still, it is a specialty program, so
if it runs some 80's material, it's really not any big deal.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

David Merrill wrote:

> I finally made it a point to check out the new syndicated soul oldies show
> on WROR this weekend.  First, we have violations of WROR's decades by
> playing hits from the 1980's.  Second, you would think the research on this
> program would be checked twice.  Al Bandeiro features "It's A Shame" by The
> Spinners as from 1972.  I can see being one year off on something like that,
> but that was 1970 before the group had started their run of hits on Atlantic
> Records.  JJ would have known that one for sure!
> I am sure I was the only one to pick up on it, but it shows that people
> doing the shows (or researching them) should know the music to have any
> credibility.
> -Dave