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Re: Let"s Talk About Radio

On 29 Apr 99,  Jibguy@aol.com wrote:

> Well folks.... Last Sunday, a first happened at WJIB.   The seldom-used
> board-op (and now much more seldom)  (regular board-op on vacation); 
> "forgot" his shift, so all Sunday programs up to 12 Noon were not aired,
> including LTAR.    I was at WJTO in Maine, and didn't find out until 9 AM.
>    -  Anyway,  LTAR will be back on 5/2/99 and each week thereafter.

I thought something like that happened.  I was away, but I had a timer 
set to record it, and I got the regular WJIB music instead, and then the 
start of the Soul of Greece program.

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