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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

There's another reason as well.  The FCC.  In Greasman's case, he made a
racist remark which I guarantee prompted someone to write the FCC a complaint
letter.  The agency seems to be preoccupied with race, with their continued
enforcement of EOE regulations while they've relaxed enforcement of many
others.  Infinity was probably trying to cover its butt by firing Grease if
the FCC decided to question the licence renewal for that station--WARW.
Stern's remarks, although tasteless, are not obscene or racist--which are the
requirements for an FCC crackdown.  In addition, Sterns' station in Denver,
KXPK, is NOT owned by Infinity, so if there is any FCC action, it won't
directly affect Mel & Company.....

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> So why was it OK for him to make his remarks and get away with it because
> of his "first amendment rights", when Greaseman got canned for a tasteless
> remark?  Only one reason....Howard is Mel's cash cow, Greaseman was just
> another morning show jock.
> Yeah, Stern is just an act, but so is Greaseman.