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WGI and other matters

Thanks to everyone who wrote kindly about my WGI article.   I am also
available to speak on early radio in Boston at area high schools, ham
clubs, etc-- just got back from doing a fun presentation at the Dartmouth
ham radio club (will be going back to tour the historical areas in and
around New Bedford with the club's historian... Round Hills estate, where
WMAF was, Irving Vermilya's home, some of the old vaudeville theatres where
radio stars performed, the first location of WNBH, etc.  

Btw, apologies for the typos in my prior post.  I never could type well at
2.30AM!  For those who asked, yes I really do intend to get a PhD and
perhaps turn Eunice Randall's very interesting life into a book.  I was
accepted to Northeastern, and after all these years away from being a
student, it will be interesting to see life from that side of the
classroom... (yes I will still be teaching some historical courses at
Emerson, and if radio would ever recover from the Telecom Act, I might even
get a chance to consult radio stations again!!!  And yes, Roger, I have my
own watch... <gg>) 


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