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Weird (1980's) Music on Oldies 103.0 FM

I spoke to a friend at Oldies 103.3 FM WODS and it was
simply stated that their music programming includes
songs from the past 15-30 years and that the format
was decided when they became an oldies station back in
1988.  Well, at that time, the programming range would
have included anything from 1955-1973.  Lately many of
us have heard some more recent tunes including: Kokomo
(Beach Boys), Uptown Girl (Billy Joel) and Old Time
Rock 'n Roll (Bob Seger).  

My friend then went on to say that this is the first
time that they are looking at any programming changes
and that they do not anticipate a new format
altogether, however, since they are approaching the
year 2000, they need to revamp their music play-list
to include some more modern tunes.  If they follow the
15-30 years (or maybe extend it 15-45 years)
rule-of-thumb, then we can look forward to some songs
from as little back as 1985.

I think it is just a way to keep the baby-boomers
listening and maybe attract some of us Generation
X-1980's fans.

After talking to them, it just gave me a weird feeling
to think that the music that I grew up on (a mere 20
years ago) which at the time was top 40, have now
become oldies, YUK!

Dan Bourret

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